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Vintage Reclaimed Woods

Reclaimed Beams

We carry a large variety of reclaimed barn beams in both hand hewn; a typically older hand scraped/shaped beam made with an "adze" tool showing distinctive tool marks from its hand carving; as well as milled beams which have been mechanically cut with more modern saw-mill style tools. We carry a range of smaller beams called wind braces which are used on an angle in between the larger beams to brace them together for strength. We have beams ranging from 4"x4" square right up to 12"x12". We occasionally carry even larger beams as well - inventory on these varies please contact us to inquire.

Barn Board

Grey-Board is the common name for the greyed exterior weathered boards typically found on aged agricultural buildings. Barn board can also come in a variety of other colors however the most common is natural grey. Barn board has always been a very popular medium for decorators and designers due to its fantastic texture and flexibility. BARN BOARD IS THE BLUE JEANS OF THE INTERIOR DESIGN WORLDS MATERIAL OPTIONS! It is completely versatile and goes with EVERYTHING ad every style from modern to rustic and everything in between. The possibilities are endless!

Reclaimed Planking

Below-left is an example of some beautiful "hand-hewn" planking. This wood came from the floor of a barn 175+ years old. Below-right are some additional hand-hewn and milled examples of planking. The planking is different in every barn and our inventory varies depending on what projects we have completed throughout the current season. We typically always have some type of planking and use this fantastic material for harvest tables, shelves and other custom furniture projects.

Granary Board

Beautiful interior granary room boards vary in typically natural hues and a variety of tones. These boards were sheltered from the elements and often have a smoother patina from years of agricultural operations. Slightly thicker and sturdier boards - granary is a fantastic medium for all types of projects from furniture and shelves to sliding barn doors to decorative feature pieces. 

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